How to Soothe a Teething Baby

Babies are sweet and cuddly until the teething phase starts. The teething phase is one of the most trying times for all parents. At this time, the baby is uncomfortable and cries all the time. It is understandable because, during the teething process, the gums become swollen and itchy.

It is advisable to look for a way to sooth the gums and avoid excessive pain. Most of the time, teething pain is accompanied by other problems like fever and constipation. It is essential to keep the baby comfortable as they deal with the pain. Here are some tips on soothing teething pain:

Give the Baby a Gum Massage

A gum massage is essential in soothing the teething pain. Once you notice that the baby is in pain, and they feel the need to scratch, offer them a gentle gum massage. Make sure that you clean your massage and gently massage their gums.

The massage will offer them relief from inflammation, and it will also allow the baby to sleep comfortably. During the teething process, the gums are usually inflamed, and a gum massage can go a long way in easing the discomfort.

teething baby

Cold Toys for Baby

Cool toys are good for your baby. They are good for soothing the swollen and inflamed gums. It is essential to make sure that you chill some toys and give the baby to massage their gums.

However, make sure that you look for toys that can be swallowed by your baby. The toys should be big enough, and they should not be breakable.

Feed Your Baby Cold Food

Feeding your cold baby food is essential to avoid pain. You need to make sure that you feed your baby cold food so that the gums are soothed in the process.

Feed your baby as early as possible so that the food can be digested before they go to bed. This is not time to experiment on a variety of foods because of stomach sensitivity at this point.


Keep the Baby Comfortable

Keeping the baby comfortable is an excellent way to ease their pain. You need to keep them comfortable by making sure that the baby is clean and fresh before they go to bed.

Your baby also needs to stay warm and comfortable in bed. The comfort of your baby is essential to make sure that the pain that comes with teething is manageable.…

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common cold

Tips on Management Common Cold

Catching a cold can be very stressful. It interferes with your daily routine and makes you feel awful. The good news is that you can feel better by making sure that you learn some home remedies. You do not have to go to the hospital every time you get a common cold.

It is easy to treat your cold at home and get better without taking any medication. When it comes to common cold management, make sure that you take time to rest and recover from the illness. Here are some tips on treating a common cold from home:

Stay Hydrated

Staying hydrated is essential when it comes to managing a common cold. You need to make sure that you stay hydrated when trying to fight a cold. When it comes to hydrated, hot fluids are the best for the treatment of the cold.

Taking soups and hot ginger tea can help you with hydration. The best thing with staying hydration is the fact that it helps you to flash out the mucus from the body. It is essential to get rid of the mucus as fast as possible so that you can heal.

Salt Water Gargle

A salty water gargle is good and especially if you have a sore throat. A sore throat is an uncomfortable feeling, and you need to make sure that you feel better fast. Take some warm water and add some salt.

When adding salt to the water, make sure that you do not overdo it because salt can cause dehydration. Gargling with salt water helps you to get rid of mucus stuck on the throat and salt has antibacterial properties.

Chicken Soup

When managing a common cold at home, make sure that you go back to the basics just like grandmother did. Chicken soup is useful when trying to heal. The minerals in the chicken soup help you with fighting the illness.

The soup provides enough nutrients for your body, and you do not need to take any other meal when sick. A bowl of chicken soup three times a day will make you feel better within two days.

chicken soup

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is an excellent immune booster. The reason why many people get a common cold is due to a weakened immune system.

If you want to boost your immune system, make sure that you take vitamin c. You can get the vitamin c from supplements or your favorite citrus fruits.…

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